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The Pebble Deadline Countdown : Day Two- Birthday Bash.


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Today was filled with racing thoughts of just about twenty years ago when Darren my eldest was born 1st Sept. It can sure make one feel old and in just eight hours I will be wrapped by a blue stripe apron and have chefs hat on as I fry the birthday breakfast. They do indeed grow up not fast but seemingly instatnt- apt for the ‘now generation’ eh? 

Shannon came home from school and informed me her teacher wants a special school reading of the upcoming novel The Pebble, cool…Ain’t it great to see your 8yo daughter coming home excited by what dad is up to.

Add to this casserole of chaos, my wife decides to have a big clear out of the bedrooms and despite my best intentions to avoid like a plague, I ended up lumping around boxes and inhaling dust mites for best part of the day… She is a backward Tasmanian Dust Devil (remember him from cartoons when a kid?).. she whirls around and places become orderly and clean..

Now that the events around the deadline have been rolled out, what was I actually doing to get to that deadline of The Pebble….???

Well Alex has no been introduced to the world of angel blades and her character tweaked to illuminate her ability to run from carefree to cruel, breezy to efficient and ability to revert back when her tasks complete.

Oh and yeah the arrival of occupiers meant some but not all the scheduled work was done today. Not too far off target though.

And now to ease my guilt, I will remind you that I managed to set up a web site for The Pebble- soon to be launched….

Looking forward to day three…

Here is a piece of the book

Kimick landed with perfect precision, his hand firmly sealed across Alex’s mouth, silenced and the only available air came through exaggerated nostrils. The bulging bloodshot eyes gave signal that her pulse was coming through her wrist; her heart shot blood furiously into chambers gasping in a desperate preamble to a perceived flee that would not come.

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17 Day Countdown to The Pebble Deadline : Day One Coffee And Chat…..

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Today my youngest, Shannon aged a wizardly 8, returned to school and so the excitement and enforced routine came as a culture shock, no more lazing around waiting on inspiration fairies eh? This unearthly hour military operation caused some early think tank of marketing to come in. A parent apparently, as we breezed about new teachers and their obvious faults, is a newspaper owner..happy.com or what? so in the bag by 9.15am was a happy to support novelist and fellow dad……..

Enthused I headed off for a healthy bite in Aileen’s Art of Coffee( a regular scene setter in the novel) and a chat with the owner over a coffee, great woman, great craic and a sell ice cream to Eskimo type. 10.30am and an eager sales woman on board. Yip yip!!!

So now to the tweaking of the book, I think a mere minor operation to be performed by Sunday to get me back on the track. Easy….

Here is an tweak from a sketchy Chapter Blah Blah ha ha…..

It was now a structure that could no longer impose hushed silence on its visitors, command a prestige and reverence through its autocratic influence. It was today no greater a feat of engineering than that of a sitting room floor on a Christmas morning.  Tumbled blocks and once grandiose plans of archways, towers and houses-grand in style lay scattered in a frustrated toss, abandoned and forsaken, the nemesis of time having conquered an eternal dream. It had like the religion it represented, crumbled under the weight of both man and season.

The tale of ‘A Coming Novel The Pebble’ and it’s weird journey of 17 days continues tomorrow


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17 Day Countdown to Deadline…..

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Right, here it goes…Image

I have a deadline of the15th of September to submit my manuscript for my upcoming novel The Pebble. So I have decided to blog each day as it unfolds with the racing need to change plots and story lines, the nerves and doubts and the inevitable ‘fall by the wayside’ of other events. This is just a rather fun way for me, and I hope you, to enter into and in someway become part of the writing of The Pebble.

The first diary blog will be entered tonight the 30th of Aug and then each evening following….

Belt up and hold down it may be bumpy..

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Evolve: A short story while a bit bored...

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