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Searching For Identity – Day 4.


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Day 4

In the novel THE PEBBLE we find a girl caught in the headlights of life, desperately trying to figure out the shapes before her that form her identity. When a charming stranger unfurls his wings in a hotel room and opens her eyes to a whole new world Alex takes the invite willingly. Why wouldn’t she? 

Simply put, in the greatest of life’s storms anything can look like a lifeboat. Sometimes they are simply boats heading in the wrong direction. If you are unsure of the journey you are on it may take a severe event to show you that what you thought was a lifeboat is bringing you to the wrong shore.

So what is the lesson of Day 4? It is this, that even if you are left with a piece of wreckage to  hang onto and float for a while, then once the current is still taking you to your destination just hang on and watch the direction any potential lifeboats are moving in.

Until Day 5…. ponder your life, ask what your greatest desire is and wonder if you have taken a larger ship to a wrong shore when you should have clung onto a splinter of wood and continued on to your destiny. If that is you today, well jump ship and start getting back on your journey!


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Searching For Identity- Day Two.

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Face value, we have heard it said many times to take things at face value. I challenge us not to simply accept everything as ‘the way it is’, because nothing is really what it seems, good or bad. 

Emotion and the words of those people around you that have filled your life will paint a picture of their understanding of who you are, base purely on how you fit into their plan for their life. If I am correct then you are reading this because you want to know where you fit into your life plan. That my friend, is a whole new ball game.

I have often said ‘the most depressing reading is the mind of your friends because it is written in the ink of their optics’. God created you for a single mission, a purpose that will fulfill all that is within you. However to hear God you often have to silence the crowd…… look that big leather book holding up the coffee table even says so   Psalm 46:10 He says “Be still, and know that I am God;

See you tomorrow for Day 3, be blessed and be YOU (well as much as you know so far)

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Welcome to Day One guys!

I decided to start this 21 Day session based on the background theme of my new fantasy fiction novel THE PEBBLE – Discovery Is Only The Beginning’. (check it out if you fancy a read).

Day One

Life is not made of one single event, no one definable act shapes your destiny and purpose, no one triumph or tragedy of your past makes your tomorrows. Rather a tangled thread of genetics, other peoples choices, and perhaps your own, sent you into a unsure existence today. Stop trying to build a picture with the jigsaw pieces of the past, you may find that the image you end up with is not reality at all!

Ecclesiastes 1:9 (it is a book in the bible, honest) tells us that

What has been will be again,

what has been done will be done again;

there is nothing new under the sun

This however was written when the author felt sorry for himself, there IS a new thing today under heaven….YOU! So, take a deep breath and start the steps to discovery of what you are not and maybe what you really are!

Until tomorrow,

Be Real!


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Where is Joshua? ~ A story with a question for us all…..

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All runny nose and stuffed belly I write on the 1st of January. Now, we all know what this means. It means new thoughts and new plans, and yes I also scribbled down the gym membership, reduced fat and less debt. However, I have decided to be more aggressive in what I really feel I want 2013 to be. What is that? Well it is that 2013 will not be what I can get but what I can achieve through others!!!

That reduced my list down from twenty something…. right down to ONE.


What I am really saying is this. As a novelist it can be tempting to write what is popular and sells well (now I still want to sell well). However, I want to see the young adults, and older, who jump into the worlds and thoughts of my novels finding a spark within themselves that screams “I can do it!”

I love the gifts that reside in the youth of today and world changers of tomorrow. My giddiness multiplies when I think of the 16 year old reading THE PEBBLE who may actually be the future President of  America.

The blessed life of an author is being allowed to share that space with a reader that says “Maybe I can do it, maybe I have it within me!”

There is a world of potential out there and I am going to write to motivate it to action. I am not going to sweat to market it!

I look forward to meeting you in the year ahead, even if it is only in the world of possibilities of my novels…

May you have an effective and peaceful 2013!



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