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Searching For Identity – Day 4.


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Day 4

In the novel THE PEBBLE we find a girl caught in the headlights of life, desperately trying to figure out the shapes before her that form her identity. When a charming stranger unfurls his wings in a hotel room and opens her eyes to a whole new world Alex takes the invite willingly. Why wouldn’t she? 

Simply put, in the greatest of life’s storms anything can look like a lifeboat. Sometimes they are simply boats heading in the wrong direction. If you are unsure of the journey you are on it may take a severe event to show you that what you thought was a lifeboat is bringing you to the wrong shore.

So what is the lesson of Day 4? It is this, that even if you are left with a piece of wreckage to  hang onto and float for a while, then once the current is still taking you to your destination just hang on and watch the direction any potential lifeboats are moving in.

Until Day 5…. ponder your life, ask what your greatest desire is and wonder if you have taken a larger ship to a wrong shore when you should have clung onto a splinter of wood and continued on to your destiny. If that is you today, well jump ship and start getting back on your journey!


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Searching For Identity- Day Two.

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Face value, we have heard it said many times to take things at face value. I challenge us not to simply accept everything as ‘the way it is’, because nothing is really what it seems, good or bad. 

Emotion and the words of those people around you that have filled your life will paint a picture of their understanding of who you are, base purely on how you fit into their plan for their life. If I am correct then you are reading this because you want to know where you fit into your life plan. That my friend, is a whole new ball game.

I have often said ‘the most depressing reading is the mind of your friends because it is written in the ink of their optics’. God created you for a single mission, a purpose that will fulfill all that is within you. However to hear God you often have to silence the crowd…… look that big leather book holding up the coffee table even says so   Psalm 46:10 He says “Be still, and know that I am God;

See you tomorrow for Day 3, be blessed and be YOU (well as much as you know so far)

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Easter, that time of year we eat those cute bunnies (chocolate mostly though) and some even feel traditional enough for a visit to church. That cannot be a bad thing surely, the church visit not the bunny eating, and sadly after the black fast on God Friday and some cross kissing the majority will forget till Christmas about Jesus and that malarkey  But alas that is their want and privilege but let’s sit with them when we have the chance. 

Now the fact Easter is in fact a pagan festival and most people would be aware of that, it should still not rob the church of a great opportunity to witness to the wider audience. Tragically that is often lost in Churches with the focus on Easter Sunday events and shows and bells and whistles, when all the poor lost soul was looking for was an open door at 3pm on Good Friday to feel he is near his God.

Easter, and in particular Good Friday here in Ireland is a time of spiritual sensitivity and a yearning within people to ‘feel’ God. Good Friday should see our church calendar packed with worship, a quiet focus on the day and an opportunity for quiet contemplation for those seeking solace. When I was at my most lowest point  I did not want bright lights and a party I wanted a dark room and my Saviour, I don’t want to rob others of that experience.

Of course the true symbol of freedom is found in THE PASSOVER, but hey let us not even go there on why the church does not celebrate on Passover, it is way too messy!

Enjoy Good Friday, sense the special feel of sacrifice and salvation and if you are lucky enough to find a church open at 3pm, enjoy the touch of a Saviour!

Be Blessed and Be A Blessing..I am off to find a re-run f King of Kings and Ben Hur

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Ireland, land of a thousand welcomes…. The home of the craic and of open arms. That is how we sell our brand, the pitch for our little emerald isle. However is that today as accurate as the pig and the cloth capped farmer picture on the postcards would lead you to believe?

Sadly it is not in my book, “the land of a thousand welcomes” but the land that stays silent and casts a suspicious look at those it deems ‘foreign’. I stood today at an ATM, a queue of people already had gathered waiting on the bank to open, and three non Irish women were struggling with the ATM. No one said a word, or muttered a comment, however the glances, the under the eyes scorn and silent nods of middle age women as they viewed these “foreigners” obviously spoke not a thousand welcomes but a thousand words that could be summed up in “Your not one of us!” An amazing thought process for a country and a generation that spawns across the globe.. and we are proud of it(cue St Paddy’s parades worldwide)

Was it not racism or indeed prejudice or bigotry but was it just history and genetics I began to wonder. You see Ireland has not had the best house guests over our last 400+ years, they seemed to arrive-make themselves at home- take over the house-then never leave. 

Do we embrace emigration and fear immigration simply because our history has seen the visitor become the master? (Our African neighbours may have more in common with you than you think—Engage them!)

We should understand the African history and the forced migration of it’s inhabitants possibly more than any European nation. In that understanding of our own recent exodus and the ‘Irish abroad’ success though, do we fear losing our own ‘homeland’? 

There will be a multi-cultural party system some day, and it will be a great day for our nation when it comes. For then we will see that the skin, the accent and the culture has not conflicted but complimented the nation and in the words (somewhat) of Padraig Pearse  Out of the graves of many nations came the soul of a new Ireland. An Ireland so vibrant, versatile and influential that no one can ever say Ireland is not free, because Ireland is freedom!

Peace and Be Wild!

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So, time for a dirty post. A post that is actually hard to write at times, and much more difficult than rattling together some funny or imaginative story.

You see I am a Christian, a Christian speaker (you can use the word minister but I don’t like it) and that sadly gets in the way of writing and being read or listened to. But why?

Well firstly, I don’t particularly blame people for blocking out Christians. I shudder at some of the things we spout out and call it standards. When in fact it is nothing but judging others. A bearded son of a carpenter had something to say about that around 2000 years ago in Israel. You can read it in the bible, a big book but a cracking read.

What I have come to notice more and more is that ‘Christians’ that point out the ‘sins’ of others are merely hiding behind their own problems and painting them as other people’s ‘sins’.

My, our, job is never to save the world but live in a way that brings light and love to others. That is the point sadly when Christians, if they don’t stand out and point out how it is a judgement of God, have mostly pulled on the camouflage and blended into the back ground. Instead of standing up and being part of an answer we have just stood with the group repeating the problem. Often while fighting with the church down the road etc.

Let us forget if/how/what the people are doing and just try and be some kind of an answer and love them as they are. It is not our job to change them but accept and love them and get out of the background and stop blending in.

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