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Welcome to Day One guys!

I decided to start this 21 Day session based on the background theme of my new fantasy fiction novel THE PEBBLE – Discovery Is Only The Beginning’. (check it out if you fancy a read).

Day One

Life is not made of one single event, no one definable act shapes your destiny and purpose, no one triumph or tragedy of your past makes your tomorrows. Rather a tangled thread of genetics, other peoples choices, and perhaps your own, sent you into a unsure existence today. Stop trying to build a picture with the jigsaw pieces of the past, you may find that the image you end up with is not reality at all!

Ecclesiastes 1:9 (it is a book in the bible, honest) tells us that

What has been will be again,

what has been done will be done again;

there is nothing new under the sun

This however was written when the author felt sorry for himself, there IS a new thing today under heaven….YOU! So, take a deep breath and start the steps to discovery of what you are not and maybe what you really are!

Until tomorrow,

Be Real!



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Dust, broken and shattered baubles coupled with a fallen bell on the head all combined into an eventful Christmas shake down. What is it about the echo and dead feeling in the house when the glamour of Christmas is gone. The rooms feel bigger, and somehow more tidy. Yet, in that spacious organised space comes a feeling of “what now?”

Everything was so wrapped up in the Christmas hysteria and mayhem, all bow tied and glitter positive. Now however comes the reality of those previously hidden corners behind the twinkling tree. The walls that need painting and the life issues we stuffed behind Christmas for two weeks. Bills, depression and even a feeling of no particular direction in life.

How could the butt of 2012 be so reindeer jumper positive and yet now we suffocate in our 2013 dread.


The answer is hope and a outward looking optic!

Christmas is a bank signing cheques of hope, cashing them in for each every cracker pulling, mince-pie eating person on this planet. Sadly, come January many of us forget about the value of this precious currency and simply slip into a mind of worry.

The world did not stop when you kicked worry under the cabinet and wheeled out a plastic Santa in front of it for two weeks in December and it will not stop now when you keep that hope within our hearts.

Each of us has a purpose and potential greatness waiting for us in 2013. Don’t allow the size of your life, like the tree-less room, to con you into staring at old bare patches in your life. Sure things looked brighter and fuller over Christmas but you were there then and you are here now. 

You make the moment, not the tinsel, baubles and Christmas trees. You know that pull you feel inside when you dream of “Now What?”, Well it was put there long before 2013 became a flip of a calendar page closer. You are in 2013 on purpose and with purpose. You know it so start saying it!

“2013 will be my year because I am here in it !”

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Alzheimer’s Steals The Mind…Not if I can help it!!!! & Milky Porridge Diary Of The Pebble Day something like 8.

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← Writers Block by Paul Guildea

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Danger of Stowaways.

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When we read Gen 31:19-42.  We read about Rachel, fleeing with Jacob stealing her father’s idols. Her father catches up on her and demands he is handed over the culprit for punishment. Jacob agrees and a search ensues……finding nothing.

It is a physical manifestation that allows the holder of that image to believe that it retains some type of power and comfort, able to alleviate pain. I am sure we could all peek into our sack of images and see what we ‘stole’ from our fathers. (Parents and grand-parents)

  • Distrust
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Sexual hang ups/addiction
  • Money obsession
  • Anger
  • Bravado
  • Insecurity

We could all fill in the blanks here, would you agree?

            See this here is a very profound question for us, why do we take our fathers images with u when we gained new life in Christ?

It gives our past a legal and legitimate right in our present.

Grace of God, not getting you caught but cover

How we seen our parents perform in life can be an idol we carry, so determined that our kids won’t have them, we perversely keep them in a closet so we can have a little look to determine what we saving our kids from.

Do you know that what happens when we receive and walk in the Holy Ghost is medically sound?

            Those on the journey make claims and promises unaware of the family idols hidden within their spouse

            Grace is required so not punished


Yet we hold back images, and justify it by a fallacy that it gives us strength, a reminder of how far we have come from those dark days of our past.

 ‘Not for my worshipping of it but a reminder of where I came from’– a signal of false self-righteousness.

The regurgitated ‘no man speaks to me the way my mother got spoken to’’ – same self-righteousness.

 We need to re-examine our saddle bag.

            Some of us are moving to a new land with or fathers images

            What images are you hiding away that are not yours?

            What are you to declare at customs as you enter a new land of life today?

            What has been giving legal right by YOU to come into your present and stow away as you journey into a new kingdom.

            What have you retained that your father displayed openly in his life?

 What have you kept and now have them stowed away in your life?


Under The Blood:

            Rachel was not revering the images, they were under her, she was sitting on the sack. The text is clear it was during her monthly cycle, a rather personal and on the surface of it, unnecessary piece of information.

            God gave her grace to get rid of them her stowaways and held back the consequences. He will do the same today for you….Put those images that your ancestors once revered in open as they put false hope in a soothing peace coming from the fleeting gratification of a weakness.  


Secondary Trauma

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Feel emotions of the past and react like it was in the present
  • Emotional exhaustion,
  • spurts of high energy and control followed by sleeplessness,
  • Unclear thinking or distracted, emotional detachment, hyper vigilant and then completely fried.

Wow wait for this one if you look at our biblical principle today……

  •  Tend to believe all will be ok, if they can leave this environment and raise their own family


In essence when an emotion comes up that was felt in the past, we take out our father’s images and have a sneak peek and react as if it were present.

            The Grace to get rid of those idols is here, Jesus is having an images amnesty, why not hand them over to the King and enter without a stowaway to your Kingdom. 

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