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Just a quick peek at a random spattering from THE PEBBLE.

Even if she was ignorant to it, the arrival of Galiu into the apartment had propelled Dolores into Alex’s world. She would need to have some level of easy entry to the world of angels, Hybrids and future assassinations, err, ‘nullifications’. The book provided such an entry because it only hinted at Alex’s world, laying out a Hansel and Gretel type crumb for Dolores to follow. The first pages that Alex read on her discovery of the book were as the finger licks off a baking bowl, a taste bud tickle of a future creation.



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Inside Newgrange...The Pebble Novel out soon!

‘The tri-spiral carving that is the mysterious code to a future prophecy’. The winter solstice arriving like a fleeting visit of a lover to unlock another world..
The Pebble…out soon!

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