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Firstly let me wish you all, Irish and want-to-be Irish, a Happy Paddy’s Day! I have to say however that I was never a huge fan of the day, what is there to be excited about? Dancing kids, tractors with green balloons(how inventive) and marching bands clog hopping to out of tune tubas, oh and don’t forget the local football team walking in chaos behind the obligatory vintage car. Seriously do you think you would watch that assembly of mayhem on any other day? No, but for some reason it is so invitingly cute on March the 17th we all get involved. We brave the cold, wave the flag and paint pretty little shamrocks on our cheeks all in the name of Irish-ness. Then we drown the shamrock  get blind drunk, start a fight and play the fiddle…. well that is what those who perform like the monkey at the circus will do, happy to allow the world clap the happy-go-lucky Irish into their stupor. But what about the true spirit of St Patrick, the essence of what became known as the island of saints and scholars, a nation that held the beauty of scriptures and art while the rest of Europe plunged into the Dark Ages? A people who fostered great minds in monastery and monk cell across this green land. Well that essence is still alive, still holding onto the wit, the warmth and  vision to reach out as a light to a darkening Europe. We are a people with a God shaped shamrock in our heart, a people that have unshackled the burden of religion from our necks and are ready to breath the air of pure Christianity again….that may not fit into the performing monkey the world want to drown with Guinness tonight but it is a people worth celebrating……


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All runny nose and stuffed belly I write on the 1st of January. Now, we all know what this means. It means new thoughts and new plans, and yes I also scribbled down the gym membership, reduced fat and less debt. However, I have decided to be more aggressive in what I really feel I want 2013 to be. What is that? Well it is that 2013 will not be what I can get but what I can achieve through others!!!

That reduced my list down from twenty something…. right down to ONE.


What I am really saying is this. As a novelist it can be tempting to write what is popular and sells well (now I still want to sell well). However, I want to see the young adults, and older, who jump into the worlds and thoughts of my novels finding a spark within themselves that screams “I can do it!”

I love the gifts that reside in the youth of today and world changers of tomorrow. My giddiness multiplies when I think of the 16 year old reading THE PEBBLE who may actually be the future President of  America.

The blessed life of an author is being allowed to share that space with a reader that says “Maybe I can do it, maybe I have it within me!”

There is a world of potential out there and I am going to write to motivate it to action. I am not going to sweat to market it!

I look forward to meeting you in the year ahead, even if it is only in the world of possibilities of my novels…

May you have an effective and peaceful 2013!



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So, 20 years of circles of glass on my face has prompted me to list the world that 20/20 vision creations never enjoy…..

1. Swimming while watching hot girls on the beach becomes a talent.

2. Quickly scratching an itchy eye and launching glasses across the room.

3. Emptying a kettle of hot water into a basin and looking like a cartoon MR Magoo

4. Stubbing your toe on door posts on night visits to the bathroom. 

5. Unloading a dishwasher and going blind.

6. Going out in the rain and needing wipers.

7. Late for work because you can’t see….

8. Wrestling with contacts and finger poking your eyes.

9. The wonder of paperclips….

10. But the joy of always having a ear cleaner right there on your face……

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The Fifth Commandment of Staying Married. Know Your Mother-In-Law.

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The third commandment of staying married….

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Newgrange from the river..written while just rambling with the kids.


Gurgling wash, and time’s own clock

Her silent gaze, watered through misty haze;

Words she speaketh not,

Mounted on her pedestal of myth.

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Newgrange..and not a wing in sight!!

At the entrance to the burial chamber. Kind of exciting to be visiting the location that my novel is based in. At this section of the story all sorts of crazy and bizarre things have happened, so it was a lot calmer when I visited. ha ha ha

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