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Right from the bat, straight off that is, let me throw down the division line. I am a Christian speaker ( the word minister is linked to Government in this part of the world and a dangerous link in a recession!!) who is pro life, that is I want ALL to see the fullness of themselves come into the world and impact others. I am a proper Christian, as you can see I have a beard and everything….

What I want to write about is a little piece called WHY ME?.

When I was just a newly wed, 23 years old and with a wife just gone 21 years old, we sat in a labour ward in the local hospital in Drogheda, Ireland. In the midst of the chaos, the roaring, the goo (I likened it to a scene from Black Hawk Down but let’s move on) my sweat covered wife looked at me with those two pools of pale blue eyes and begged me to answer a question as another push was needed…”Why me, what am I doing here?”.

Now my answer was simple, logical and totally male painted in a colour of black and white “Because you have to be, and you have no choice but to go through with it now. it’s circumstances!” and on my wife pushed to the birth of our first child, a cool kid called Jamie. As our country here, Ireland, is freeing itself from decades of slavery to religion, after decades of near slavery to a foreign power, people are unsure what to do with that freedom especially now the Celtic Tiger has caught a cold and died, and at the moment we are caught in the midst of a debate on legal abortion and churches are gearing themselves to form a response to Govt and trying to influence the law makers to ensure the church standard is imposed on the nation.

This current hot topic got me praying and thinking the other day as I walked and I heard the cry once more of “Why me?” in the whisper of my spirit and I began to think of those who lie in an abortion clinic, alone sometimes and scared, asking the questions to the air, “Why me?”

The answer is not what we have often wrongly tarnished at these girls of ‘Because you are loose or a sinner’ or whatever judge and jury scripture was thrown at them. The answers is the same as the answer I gave my beloved wife…..circumstances.

We, the church, have failed the girl who in the midst of circumstances made a choice and we failed to listen to her “WHY ME?” and were too eager to tell her how to live her life and not listen to the life she is living.

I believe, and I will ask Him someday, that when the woman caught in adultery was brought before Jesus, the crowd wanting to stone her, and Jesus wrote in the sand with his finger. I believe the words He would have written is M  I   N  E. The woman was His, she was in the midst of circumstances, the middle of her choices, surely thinking “WHY ME?” and when she spoke Jesus listened to the life she was living………..

We Christians can as easily stone people today with placards, demonstrations and inflammatory on line comments, but where are we thinking of a God writing the words MINE in the sand? Are we too worried about building laws and not tearing down circumstances to allow the “WHY ME?” girl to stand on the rubble of her circumstances and see the liberty of her potential………………

I do think the life on the unborn child is vital and should be protected, I often wondered have we aborted the child who was to go on and cure cancer, but I am as equally convinced the “WHY ME?” girl or woman is AS VITAL. How many times have we let her be stoned and not looked at her potential and see the writing of the King of the universe say about her  MINE!!!!!!!!

Till next time

Be Love and Be Loved!!


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Dawn duels, tragic poetry and epic novels, Parisian walks by moonlight not to mention wars and midnight eloping,  have all encapsulated the whirlwind imagery of passionate love affairs. The red blooded impulse of undying, though often dying was the end result, declaration of a young man’s love for his soul mate is forever etched in our minds as a blood stained virgin holding the dying lover in her arms, whispering her unfaltering loyalty into his sweat dripped ear. True romance.

As we enter the love season, the heart shaped calender date of St Valentines, I want to look at the romance and standards of today’s minstrels and tragic romantics. What are today’s equivalent to secret notes passed under candle lit castle windows and poetry written by the soul of a wounded warrior, pierced with cupids fickle arrow?

Is it Facebook, the media outlet that allows a phenomenon that has never been equaled in any time past?

Would any sane person walk into a cafe and buy a coffee and a sandwich and  then jump onto the table of some stranger, shove the plate and cup under their nose and bellow, “Look, I am out for a sandwich with my husband (or wife etc) and I think they are great!” or would you sit down, and as you look into each others eyes, simply roar in an glass shattering shrill “I think my wife is the best ever, and I love spending time with them!”

No? I didn’t think so. However we are plagued with this self indulgent  and egocentric nonsense everyday on Facebook. Why would you type a message on a public Facebook page for a person sitting on the couch with you, and then counter the criticism with “It is romantic!”

Oh the churning of gravel and clay of past poets, minstrels and Knights can be heard as the web browsing hum drones in the corner of sitting rooms worldwide, now audible because of the silence. Silence that would be broken if the two people across the room would merely close the laptop, grab a jacket and walk hand in hand along a canal, make heart shaped leaf murals and please….leave the mobile phone picture capability at home.

Romance is private, love is intimate and pictures of sandwiches and coffee is annoying and rather irritating…..

Happy Valentines Day!

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Where is Joshua? ~ A story with a question for us all…..

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Thoughts like distant starlight,

Dying embers of regret.

Glasses clink, instant lovers kiss and

I struggle in my net.


Caught in ropes and snares,

Of a year gone by in pain.

My New Year pocket empty,

Save for hope, a ring and shame.


My currency now is time,

My stock is Him above.

What would 2013 be, but 2012,

If not for the hope of love.


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4th commandment of staying married.

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Ten Commandments of Staying Married..#2.

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Reconciliation… Finding the common ground!.

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