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Day 4

In the novel THE PEBBLE we find a girl caught in the headlights of life, desperately trying to figure out the shapes before her that form her identity. When a charming stranger unfurls his wings in a hotel room and opens her eyes to a whole new world Alex takes the invite willingly. Why wouldn’t she? 

Simply put, in the greatest of life’s storms anything can look like a lifeboat. Sometimes they are simply boats heading in the wrong direction. If you are unsure of the journey you are on it may take a severe event to show you that what you thought was a lifeboat is bringing you to the wrong shore.

So what is the lesson of Day 4? It is this, that even if you are left with a piece of wreckage to  hang onto and float for a while, then once the current is still taking you to your destination just hang on and watch the direction any potential lifeboats are moving in.

Until Day 5…. ponder your life, ask what your greatest desire is and wonder if you have taken a larger ship to a wrong shore when you should have clung onto a splinter of wood and continued on to your destiny. If that is you today, well jump ship and start getting back on your journey!



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Don’t we all love to party after we have achieved something? Isn’t that moment when you look at yourself in the mirror and say “Well done mate, you have made it!” so exhilarating that you want to share it with the whole world. So why then do we see people isolated as they celebrate?

Simply put, they don’t feel those around them will care for their success as much as they do and so they hold it to their chest tightly, refusing to let it go and let it mix with the greater audience. They refuse entry to their party.

Imagine a new set of parents making slurping ridiculous noises at their new arrival, do they just hand the baby to the first person that says “Ah look, so cute!” No way. They reluctantly even hand it over to family members and even then it is a mix of trepidation and fear, tempered with a burst of pride that lingers as they let their fingers loosen off their new born pride and joy.

We, as humans, often say one thing and think another. You know it is true! How many times has a friend or colleague had a promotion or success of some kind and before the good luck cards are off the mantle piece, you are pulling his achievement to shreds. Or what about the silence that meets an announcement on social media that a friend is now doing x y or z.

We miss the point that the most lonely place of all is often in the spotlight. People who are on the ascendancy need someone to share the highs with, however they MUST trust them with their baby before they will let them into the party.

I see people leave churches, groups and clubs for this very reason. WE DON’T CELEBRATE, WE ISOLATE. Every man has a right to whoop and shout when he is winning, it is his moment. But be warned. If he feels that the comments of “Ah look, so cute!” are hiding a whisper of resentment and resistance then isolation in the middle of his celebration is coming, and it kills.

Loneliness is the greatest illness on this planet, and you would be surprised to see the cheerleader, the quarterback, the singer and the headline act are mostly at the front of the queue of isolation when they are in the midst of celebration.

The bible COMMANDS us to rejoice when others rejoice. Many churches today may need to take a look at their optic of rejoice and carefully watch their pews for the isolated celebrating members within their own church…… and approach them and genuinely ask “May I join your party?”


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