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Searching For Identity- Day Two.


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Day Zero– eBook launch is ..NOW and the world and Winter Solstice has passed over….

Ok, we are all still here. Oh wait! We are all here aren’t we? I am not just frantically looking at my stats and wondering about the ‘deathly’ slow rise in those mesmerising bar graph things. I will assume no zombie, flesh decaying fingers are struggling over the keyboards of the world and so I will carry on.


I got up quite late for a nerve filled launch day, at 8.00, and then it dawned on me. The world is still here, the clouds have blocked the Winter Solstice and my book is launching…TODAY.

So, what is THE PEBBLE really about, and why did  I bother to write it at all? (a question I often asked myself in a manic author fueled rage).

Really it is about discovery. The drive for all of us to find an identity and a place of belonging. Now that sounds all fluffy and wool hats, so the story is..

A girl is orphaned at birth and trundles through her life, with some very strange events tagging along behind her. And then….identity and angel wings. That is just the start……. with ancient tri-spiral prophecies, Winter Solstice, Angel Blades, huge deception and many a twist and turn. I am excited, I am nervous and now time to get back into the promo stuff and posting simple things on my blog

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2 Days To Go!    Radio & Coffees……

Here we are with two days to go until sunrise in the Boyne Valley and the Mayan Calender prediction and cue ‘end of the world’. Oh, and the official release of THE PEBBLE. So today was hook up with the media day. Interviews and radio shows covered the morning, but there was still time for coffee and home made Christmas pudding in my mam-in-laws.

What?  Don’t you know that there are just some vitals that have to be taken care of…….


Funny how the media can hold the sway of public interest in both their ink and airwaves. No sooner had had completed the two interviews when the phone starts to hop with questions about where the book is available…Yipee skipieee…Anyhow here is the first few lines to tease some thinking…


The Hammer of Nuru held its weight at the cusp of a
swing, and then came crashing down. Carefully knife
scored marks ensuring The Pebble fragmented into six
almond shaped pieces, and then dark shaking hands laced
each Pebble piece with a string of leather.
The screams and chaos of the Boyne Valley expedition
had now died into a deathly stillness, and a new era was
dawning as The Winter Solstice sun peaked in the frost blue
Many centuries later, an artic northern snow lashed the
empty burial chamber of Newgrange once again. Sitting high
over the turn of the River Boyne, Newgrange’s underground
passageway stood silent, devoid of the streams of tourists,
poised for the arrival of another Winter Solstice with the
coming rising sun.
A rising sun that would visit the empty chamber searching
like a forlorn lover for The Pebble and the power it held to
unlock the gates to the other world of Adania.


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How to survive ‘the end of the world on 21st of Dec’.

Ok so the end is nigh, well apparently it is you know. However, we can survive and emerge from the Apocalypse a stronger race. I am about to go through ten points to living through the Tsunamis, the electrical shutdowns and the ‘back to the dark ages’ envelopment of society on the dawn of Dec 21st and then to afterward…thrive!

#1. Being the media whore I am now required to be, the obvious first point is to download the newly released fantasy fiction novel The Pebble. Yes, you can see it on the right hand column of my home page or go to http://www.amazon.com to buy  it. It is vital for the future breeds that you understand the hidden veils of our worlds before you can hope to thrive after the 21st has passed. Ahem, Ahem….

#2 Stock up on your Doors CD’s. Imagine a future mutated generation and all that deformed zombie like existence brings with it having only One Direction to listen to as they scrub their scales every morning.

#3 Select your companion in your ‘hideaway’ well. Procreation can last five minutes a day, forget the movies I tell you minutes! Then you are locked into polishing off the the dust on the endless tins of beans, which brings me to point 4.

#4. Are beans the most practical of supplies? How big is your hide-away shelter from those zombies roaming the barren wilderness. Rather be eaten alive or choked by poisonous rancid butt gas? Again choose your partner carefully…..

#5. Where are you hoping to survive in? I read about Serbian sacred mountains and little villages in France and ask myself, “If I had to survive in such places would it be worth the boredom?” No, I sir will retreat to Orlando and the Magic Kingdom. Now there is a place to fight off zombies and still get a leisurely jaunt around The Pirates of the Caribbean, eh?

#6. Save Nicole Scherzinger at all costs because..well, because we are not animals are we? 

#7. No matter where you hole up to ride out the ‘end of world’ storm be sure to lock Simon Cowell OUTSIDE!!!!!!! 

#8. Bring your pet! Love and food will be hard to come by in the days after the Mayans’ were proved correct. Just a simple choice of which you can live without most!

#9. Tomato sauce in case love is easier to live without!!!

#10. Finish new novel The Pebble and realise what has really happened while you where locked down in your basement of The Magic Kingdom with a kidnapped Nicole Scherzinger, a million tins of beans, your Jim Morrison collection and then regret not knowing that, as the new book says, Discovery Is Only The Beginning!!!!

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5 Days To Go!


Checking the Facebook page, eBook ratings and inbox…all in the middle of trying to have a relaxing day off having a Chinese meal with friends. Not very easy! What you know, the restaurant wouldn’t let me run up a tab. Something about wanting all the bills cleared by Dec 21st and “actually being able to bring it with them despite all the cliches.”

Then their is that excited nervy thing that whips like candy floss in your stomach when a person says “Just reading your book at the moment.” It is both addictive and kind of perverse intriguing,  sending me caught between asking “what are your thoughts” or “thanks” and rushing off …

I hoped to reach people with a fiction novel that demanded thinking and discussion. Thankfully, the initial early reviews seem to say I achieved this. Phew and phew….

A relaxing evening with my wife  tonight and then tomorrow, more hype and interviews. Oh, and some guy coming to take photos for the paper. Is this all for real? I don’t know but it sure is tingly to think people can read and hopefully get something from The Pebble…

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6 Days To Go!

How could I forgot about the End Of The World?

So sloppy of me!

Now I have a massive flaw in all my planning. You think I would know better. Living beside Newgrange in the midst of the mysticism of The Winter Solstice and all things celtic myth and romance, I should have know that 21st Dec and the Mayan Calender could have been a fly in the ointment in the release of my novel The Pebble on ‘end of the world day. ‘

The inspiration started in July, a novel with a message and a cracking fantasy twist that leaves the reader thinking and wondering. The long nights, the impeccable timing to hit the sales while the fever of Mayans and sun rises was tipping the scales, all seemed so perfect.

Why do people now have me raked with worry?

Can it be that my readers will just reach chapter 10 and the whoosh……world ends!

Where will my reviews go, how will I rattle with nerves at each notification on Facebook…..

Though maybe I was right and there is more to sun rises and hidden chambers than Hollywood blockbusters and people chanting in a field. Maybe people will finish The Pebble and find it asks them even more questions… oh my brain is swelling…Time for sleep, well half sleep until tomorrow and the voyage of writing and wrangling thoughts continue to sail.


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Newgrange from the river..written while just rambling with the kids.


Gurgling wash, and time’s own clock

Her silent gaze, watered through misty haze;

Words she speaketh not,

Mounted on her pedestal of myth.

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