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So there you have it, I started a blog based on THE PEBBLE and a journey of self-discovery and ended up on my own escapade of finding out what is going on inside my head. Is there a more secure guinea pig than the author himself? I think not, and at this point I offer my humblest apologies for bunching up a group of days of the 21 day journey but that is how it is with self-discovery, sometimes things get out of the process and kind of crazy.

What did I find out about me and my inner self? Well much like you, I have worked out that some stuff is my baggage and other stuff is simply other travellers luggage that I am carrying through life and I don’t want it no more..


It is no secret I am a Christian, whatever that tag means you, but to me it means I follow Jesus Christ and believe all the bible says about this man/God who raised the dead, healed the sick and died on a cross for me. Cool and kind of mind blowing stuff.

I have worked out that Christian land is very much like the land of Oz. What do I mean? Well, there is no doubt REAL magic and amazing events likely to happen at any moment but sadly the main people in power are often nothing more than normal human beings hanging onto power behind a curtain, desperately trying to keep a grip on the people through a process of manufactured atmosphere and yet the real POWER is simply out there among the munchkins. My God does not need megaphones and smoke machines He just needs open hearts and willing citizens of His new Kingdom!

Real change begins the day you see God for who He is and also see the wizards behind the curtains…Things can change, but only really change when you stop looking for the wizard and start seeing the power in the people along the yellow brick road!

Ding Dong and all that jazz

Be you, Be Blessed!


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Well we are on Day 3 Search for Identity, and we are beginning to quickly find out that any journey begins with a decision to actually move. Self-discovery is no different, the journey begins when you move toward something that at that moment is just an obscure blob on the horizon. Let me tell you a cute story.

Once there was a Rabbi walking out of the gates of Jerusalem and a Roman soldier shouted down form the lookout tower. 

“Halt, who goes there?”

The Rabbi, turned, looked up at the soldier and answered “If you can tell me then I will give you all of my wealth and more because you are more me than I am!”

The knowledge of who you are and what you are to do is a changing principle and a moving target. There are no destinations in life, simply a change of trains and lifestyles and the only obstacle is that you will not get off one train and board another.

Listen, stopping to listen to the crowd on the platform of life will merely confuse you, constrict you and box you into the journey they have set for themselves. 

Napoleon said it like this, “I can no longer obey, I have tasted command and I will not give it up!”  In other words when you get a feel for a new journey simply refuse to board the wrong train and head down the wrong track. He knew he was a leader, even though others had not seen it, he demanded it! 

Do you know what? He got it too!!!!

The sun will rise daily and will set every evening, however the only input you have is simply where you will watch it from!


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