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I was twelve when my class at school began a post Christmas reading of ‘The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty’. Little did I know that it was a quite famous book, and I ran home to tell my mother I had ‘discovered’ the most amazing world of imagination and although I did not use the word deluded, hey I was twelve, I am sure I used something similar to tag onto the imagination of this guy Walter Mitty. 

In fact it made me feel kind of, I don’t know, normal. Here was a man, an adult, who like me traveled off in his head to stories, scenarios and characters and I dived head in, stuck myself into the pages and visions for years. I heard from my Grandmother there was a movie, and indeed there was.

Magical, but alas I got older and the books became darker and more heavy, I blame Jim Morrison and his lizard king antics. I told myself to put away Walter as it was “not for the adult world I was going into!”.

And so it remained, Walter and his incredible world of made up mania and fame was gone forever. Well gone forever until I joined Facebook, and found the world of adults do indeed still write tales of magical made up existence and create a palace from their 6 x 10 bedrooms. I found Walter alive and well and living in social media!



People who have a part time job cleaning up the local vets have suddenly become international spokesperson for the cause of ……. and as an author I have to say, suddenly we have all become international famous bestsellers.

The share your status request that screams for text on the top of your Facebook page it seems asks you to say “Share your hopes and dreams of who you want to be”.

I have no beef with Facebook, or it’s endless supply of dreaming typists telling me to buy this, ban that, join it or look at. Dreaming and hope is all that some have, allow them to be a Walter because you know what, the only thing stopping them from being what their status is screaming to say is circumstance. And if you follow quantum physics, then circumstances are just an illusion.

So today, revisit your Walter and fill that status bar, post that picture because Walter lives in all of us really!!!!!

I am off to write my next bestseller……


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Choose Your Counsel Well....

Many a battle has been won in the mind of great Generals. Although many have then been lost in the tents of his officers. Choose your company well, select the ear you divulge your plans and dreams to VERY CAREFULLY……..

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